How many times you’ve arrived to your boat and found it dirty, full of red sand, “seagull gifts” and definitely not ready and nice to sleep or cruise on? How many times you’ve spent the first days of your boat vacation in cleaning and making your little jewel nice and shiny again ? Elite Yachting is here to help you! Your time on board is precious and can’t be wasted in making your boat ready since she must be a pleasure and a fun meant not to give you new tensions but to release the stress you accumulate. Whether it goes from a clean up before your arrival or a full keeping of your boat during the year we can arrange it. Cleaning a boat is not like cleaning a house. It requires an in depth knowledge: the simple use of the wrong product can damage your boat’s gelcoat, teak or your stainless steel for example. That’s the reason why, cleaning with quality products that preserve, maintain and protect at the same time is key to Elite Yachting. Ensuring the best and correct products are used in the right way is guranteed and If COVID safe sanification is a priority for you or your guests Elite Yachting can also provide this service. 

• Exterior & Interior General & Detailed Deep Cleaning • Protection, Maintenance & Cleaning Programs • Spring Cleaning & Regular Cleaning Schedules • Teak Restoration & Protection • Superstructure Polish & Wax • Full Interior Covid Sanification •  Laundry & Dry Cleaning